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Replacement Hinge
Clear flexable hinge 3/16" materials
Black Hinge 1/8" materials
  Our aquarium hinge can be used for other applications besides aquatic use.
These hinges will accommodate materials such as glass, acrylic, metal, wood from 1/8" thick to 1/4" thick.
The black hinge is a standard size for up to 1/8" thick materials, and the clear flexible hinge will accommodate 3/16" - 1/4" thick materials.
We can custom cut as many and to any lengths needed up to 48" long.
We stock these flexible hinges in standard lengths of 48".
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ACHG- 12       12" long    $6.25/Each
Item #      Size      Price Each
ACR2- 002     1 Pair = 1 1/2" x  1 3/4"   $3.75/ Set
Clear Acrylic Piano Hinge
Clear Acrylic Hinge
Black hinge for all
1/8" thick materials.
Clear hinge for all
3/16" thick materials.
The following two hinges can be glued, or drilled to be use to replace an exsisting damaged hinge.
$25.00 Minimum billing per order.
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Clear flexable hinge 3/16" materials
Clear hinge for all
1/8" thick materials.
Clear and Black replacement hinges for aquariums, fish tanks, and terrarium doors and lids.
Drum set surround enclosures.
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Hinges 3/16"-1/4" Clear
Hinges 1/8" Clear
Hinges 1/8" BLK
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Black Hinge 1/8" Material
Clear Hinge 1/8" Materials
Clear Hinge for 3/16" Materials
Black Hinge 1/8" MaterialClear Hinge 1/8" MaterialsClear Hinge for 3/16" Materials