Our replacement aquarium, Fish Tank, and terrarium hinges can be used for other applications besides aquatic use. 
These hinges will accommodate materials such as glass, acrylic, metal, wood from 1/8" thick to 1/4" thick.  In the cart you will see 1/8" hinge which accommodates 1/8" to 3/16" thick materials.  The 3/16" hinge will accommodate 3/16" up to 1/4" thick materials. Great easy way to build drum surrounds, Terrariums, office dividers. 

The black hinge is a standard size for up to 1/8" thick materials.

We can custom cut as many and to any lengths needed up to 48" long. We stock these flexible hinges in standard lengths of 48".
ACHG- 12       12" long    $6.75/Each
Item #      Size      Price Each 
ACR2- 002     1 Pair = 1 1/2" x  1 3/4"   $4.25/ Set
Clear Acrylic Piano Hinge
Clear Acrylic Hinge
Black hinge for all 
1/8" thick materials.
The following two hinges can be glued, or drilled to be use to replace an existing damaged hinge.

Fish tank and aquarium supplies for Clear and Black replacement living flexible hinges to replace old cracked hinges on aquariums, fish tanks, and terrarium doors, canopy, and lids. 

These are also used for Drum set surround enclosures, room and office dividers.
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Hinge Set (2 per bag)
12 Inch Hinge
Clear Replacement hinge 1/8 to 3/16
Clear Replacement Hinge for 1/8" - 1/4" thick materials.
Black Replacement Hinge 1/8
New York Tax Rate
Replacement Hinge
$25.00 Minimum billing per order
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