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How can you cut acrylic materials.?
Some standard cutting blades can be used to cut acrylic materials, a fine tooth saber saw blade or ban saw blade can be used to cut acrylic, Aslo, on a standard table saw you can use a 60 tooth carbide blade to make nice clean cuts in acrylic materials.
How do you care for acrylic materials.?
Taking care of acrylic materials starts the day of purchase, Keeping dust to a minimum is a good start, Use ONLY 100% cotton cloths (NO PAPER TOWELS) to wipe any acrylic surfaces, For fine scratches use a good paste car wax and wipe off with a cotton cloth. Never use a detergent cleaner or abrasive cleaner on any acrylic surface,  For your convenience, we carry a great cleaning product on our site.
How do you drill acrylic materials.?
Drilling acrylic materials can be accomplished with any high speed steel drill with a simple modification to the angle or rake as some people call it, Backing off the drill angle by just a few degrees will insure that while the drill is passing through the acrylic, it will stop the drill from breaking the bottom out or reduce any cracking.
How do you get a shiny glass like edge to acrylic materials.?
This can be done a few different ways, One is by sanding or routing the edge then buffing  with a good high speed buffing wheel and buffing compound,  Flame polishing can be done a few different ways also, oxygen and hydrogen, or oxygen and propane.
                             *Please read all the following information very carefully*

Minimum orders placed from our catalog or website are as follows:  $25.00 for in stock items will have a $5.00 small order charge added to the bill/quote.  Will ship within 2 to 3 days (providing in stock @ the time of placed order). $100.00 for custom run products.  Will ship within 3 to 4 weeks or as quoted. No C.O.D orders.

Confirmations:  All orders received by fax or web site will receive confirmation. Providing an E-mail address or home address was provided.

Large quantity orders:  We reserve the right to ship 10% under or over the quantity ordered and bill accordingly.  All tolerances are +/- .125 due to saw blade or sheet yields.

Shipping:  Our prices do not include shipping costs.  Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.  All orders will be shipped via USPS, UPS, or Common Carrier unless otherwise specified. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will be higher due to UPS will not ship to these locations. Parcel post and Prority.

Damaged shipments:  If any shipments reach the customer broken or damaged, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible.  Be sure however, to inspect packages upon delivery for external damages. And save all packing materials. Any damage not reported to us or the carrier withen 5 days will then be the responsability of the customer. After damage has been determined the customer must go to their nearest USPS or UPS office and fill out proper damaged claim forms to start replacment process. We will not ship replacment untill all damaged claims have been resolved for any reason. Some claims do take up to 5 weeks or longer to resolve.

Customers Obligation for starting claim:
   If their is any damage to your order upon its arrival, contact us ASAP. Then due to about 90% of our orders are shipped to residential homes our shipping services must send for call tags to pick damaged items up.  And only our customers can let the shipping service know of a good time for pick up due to jobs, vacations, appointments, Etc. So it is up to you to start the damage claim rolling for faster service and replacement of any damage goods. Depending on how your order was shipped, you may have to take the damaged item to your nearest shipping service for inspection and to start any paperwork.

Returns and cancellations:  Orders may be cancelled prior to production.  Returns will be accepted within 15 days after receipt by the customer.  You will need to obtain a return authorization before returns will be accepted.  Custom orders may NOT be returned.  Large quantity returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Returned check fee:  $25.00 returned check fee.

                                              **Prices subject to change without notice** 
    We have 3 safe and easy ways you can order any of our products. We ship our product line via FedEx. For any questions you may have about our shipping or product line feel free to contact us by phone or E-mail.
   E-mail us an order or RFQ and we will respond with correct price that will include shipping cost, proper insurance, and special packaging if needed.  All we would need is your shipping address with city and zip code. Any questions please contact us.
   You can also print out a order form and mail it directly to us or even fax it to us at any time of day. We will then start on your order right away and ship it to the address you provide. You will need a quoted shipping cost to totally fill out an order form, or we can contact you with total cost including all shipping fees soon after order form is revived. Then you can pay with PayPal or mail us a personal check or money order to complete your order. Any questions please contact us.
   New to our line of payment plans is PayPal, a great way to send money or payments to anyone around the world, for use with our website all you need to do is contact us with the products you would like to purchase or that we may have quoted you already and pay with PayPay. All we need is to confirm and add any shipping costs to the product total and the job is done.
PayPal on-line payment
Credit card payment with PayPal
  New to our website in 2002 is our shop on-line store, now you can purchase our products with a faster ship time on in stock items, custom products will still have to be quoted by us, but after you have received your quote you can pay with any major credit card Via PayPal. Feel safe with PayPal's SSL for all credit card transactions. Your PayPal account card information must be confirmed B-4 sending JMK Displays any payment 
Look for the "S" when logging into your PayPal account to be sure you enter securely.
PayPal shopping cart does not fit all our needs to our product line, some larger orders that exceed shipping weight may need to be adjusted due to shopping carts set shipping prices based on regular customer shopping needs. 

PayPal shopping cart shipping cost is set for USA shipping prices only. Out of country shipping cost price differences will have to be paid B-4 shipping any itemes.
Remit payments to: JMK Displays Inc.
                 1237 Broadway
                            Darien Ctr., NY 14040

Paying with money orders and checks

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New York Tax Rate
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