We are a New York based business that  provides acrylic, Lucite, and plastic related products like display casesshelves, aquariumstabletops, terrariumsrefugiumsfilter tanksriserspicture frames, kick plates, splash guardscovers, hinges, acrylic, Lucite and plastic cleaner and polish, etc. to many businesses around the world  associated or related with acrylic materials and products like doll shops, car and model train shops, taxidermists, craft and hobbyists, along with many antique  sellers and collectors. We also offer special drill bits and tablesaw blades for cutting all acrylic and plastic materials.

      Our business covers many areas of interest, and for many people over the WWW.  Some of the people and groups are the hunting and fishing enthusiasts, clay pottery fanatics who use our acrylic rod as rollers (Fimo), and the aquatic fans for our acrylic tanks, sumps, refugiums, replacement  hinges, due to the material being much lighter then glass and holds a constant tempature longer then glass. Also acrylic scratches can be removed, unlike glass you scratch it its their for life. The places that acrylic and plastic materials show up are endless as like the of our product line.

      Here at JMK Displays we provide custom forming and fabricating of most acrylic and plastic materials, you will see as you go through our site all the custom work and sizes we can produce from drilling, bending, flame polishing, sawing, and routing of these materials.  We use special glues and adhesives to create seamless and water tight bonds and joints to our line of acrylic products.
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1237 Broadway
Darien Center, New York 14040
(585) 547-9843

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