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Other specialty work 
Custom size filter boxes.
Custom style tanks under 30 gallons
Drilling for bulk head fittings
  We have been receiving many requests for larger tanks then we produce at this time, please refer to our tank formula before submitting for a quote on a sump or refugium over 30 gallons.
$7.75 /Each  
New York Tax Rate
Drilled and installed $12.50/ Each
  JMK Displays custom builds sumps and refugium units to fit in the exact space you need. Also, unlike off the shelf or in stock filtration systems of this type, we can add your baffles and bulkhead hole were you need them for special filtration equipment and location (pumps, filters, eggcrate,etc).  All of our refugium tanks are produced from 3/16" thick on smaller 5-10 gallons, and 1/4" thick material on 11-30 gallon units. The form below can be filled out and submitted to us for quote. Keep in mind some tanks will be shipped oversize with some weights exceeding 35lbs for shipping.
Length :
Width :
Height :
Tank Type :
Bulkhead Holes:
(We can drill & supply a 1" B/H for $12.50/Each) Please specify in description for proper quote.
E-mail address :
City/State/Zip :
Description :
Sump Refugium Filtration Unit
Prices range from $80.00 - $300.00
Custom Tank, Sump, Refugium form.
Price includes 1 B/H fitting
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Sump Refugium Filtration Unit
Sump Refugium Filtration Unit
$25.00 Minimum billing per order.
If we will be quoting holes, baffles, Etc. we will need a simple drawing with all dimensions showing.
It can be faxed, E-mailed (JPEG format), or snail mailed to us

To properly quote a sump we will need the following information:
Bulkhead hole size
Baffle Spacing/height
Hole Location

A simple sketch/drawing would be best for a proper quote on a custom sump/refugium unit.
Fax to: 1-585-547-9843
E-mail JPEG,PDF, file.
"Below form is for an estimate only"
Replacement Aquarium Fish Tank Canopy Hinges
Replacement Hinges for tank lids.
Click to go to hinges
1" Bulkhead Fittings
Hole size 1.7"
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