Acrylic Lucite balls, cubes, half rounds, cabachons, Hinges,and Accessories.
ACHG- 12                             12" long                            $5.85/Each
Item #                                      Size                               Price Each
ACR2- 002                    1 Pair = 2"x 1 1/2"                  $3.75/ Set
* Prices subject to change without notice *
Clear rubber tabs 1/2" Diam. and are 1/16"thick with self stick backs.
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CLRT-100         100 Clear Rubber Tabs       $7.00
CLRT-500         500 Clear Rubber Tabs       $35.00
CLRT-1000      1000 Clear Rubber Tabs       $75.00
All of our acrylic shapes are tumble polished extruded material and are crystal clear.
HGRS- 200                 2"Long Plastic Hanger               $26.25/bag
GLAP-080                   Hypo Glue Applicator                   $4.45/Each
ACDC- 002               5/8"Long Plastic Door Catch          $1.60/set
(2 piece set, 5 sets per bag)
( 25 per bag)
Add to the bottom of house items that may scratch,or damage your counters, or tabletops.
Clear snap locks for acrylic items with doors that won't stay closed. Just glue them where you need them and snap lock will keep your doors closed.
Special glue applicator for gluing acrylic and plastic materials. For use with water thin based glues.
(glue not included)
Acrylic picture hangers that can be bonded to the back of plastic and acrylic picture frames, great if you dont want to drill holes, or use metal hanging wire.
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Acrylic Polish
Clear Acrylic Rod
Clear Acrylic Piano Hinge
Clear Acrylic Hinge
25% Discount on 25 or more onf any style hinge items.
" Discount not reflected at checkout, E-mail for final cost less dicount."
10% Discount on any acrylic cubes, spheres, balls, half shperes, cabochons,  up to 1" size
on a purchase of 250pcs of same item or more.
" Discount not reflected at checkout, E-mail for final cost less dicount plus shipping cost"
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Less then full bag quantities can be ordered if needed at a 30% increase per piece price.
$25.00 Minimum billing per order.
All of our clear acrylic shapes are solid and are tumble polished.
Edges are slightly rounded
due to tumble polishing up to the 2" cube.
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Clear Acrylic Cubes
Our 3" and 4" cubes are machined and hand polished and have square edges